We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for selecting Kionic to be your partner in helping growing your hosting business. This basic guide introduces you to the reseller admin interface along with instructions on how you can get your account off the ground. Please scan through and if you have any question, please submit a support ticket 24/7 and we will be very happy to get together to help setting up your account with you.

3 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Register your own name servers

Your own name servers give you a professional image and name servers registrations are free. To register your name servers, visit your domain registrar website and login to the admin interface => locate the name servers section. There should be a section somewhere where you can register your own name servers.

Note: "registering your own name servers" is not the same as "changing the name servers for your domain(s)". You would first need to register your own name servers; once they are registered then you would change the name servers for your domain(s).

Step 2. Enter your hosting plans into the reseller admin control panel

Step 3. Create your customers accounts

Contact Kionic

We really appreciate the opportunity to serve your hosting needs and if you have any question about the above steps or require our assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.


Getting Started

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