Service Level Agreement

Downtime means lost revenue, lost customers, lost opportunities, lost reputation. Kionic understands the importance of server availability and providing our customers with 100% server uptime is a high priority for Kionic. Our Service Level Agreement ("SLA") defines our service guarantees and demonstrates our confidence in our ability to deliver our promise.

Network Availability Goal

Kionic maintains a goal to maintain network and server availability at 100%.


Subject to the exceptions below, if customer's web site availability is less than 100%, Kionic will issue a credit to customer in accordance with the following schedule, with the credit being calculated on the basis of the monthly service charge for the affected services:

Web Site Availability Credit Percentage
99.9 to 100% 0%
98% to 99.8% 10%
95% to 97.9% 25%
90% to 94.9% 50%
89.9% or below 100%


Customer shall not receive credits under this SLA in connection with any failure or deficiency of web site availability caused by or associated with:

Credit Request Procedure

To receive a credit, customer must make a request by sending an e-mail message to Each request in connection with this SLA must include the date and time of the unavailability of customer's web site and must be received by Kionic within ten (10) business days after the customer's web Site was not available. If the unavailability is confirmed by Kionic, credits will be applied within two billing cycles after Kionic's receipt of the customer's credit request. Credits are not refundable and can be used only towards future billing charges.

Last revised: November 03 2005

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Service Level Agreement

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